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Study Abroad and Easter

When I was 19, I spent a semester of college abroad in Israel. Our group studied the religious and political culture of both Jews and Arabs, from both Jews and Arabs. We studied the New and Old Testament in the places they actually happened and it became a defining moment in my life for which I’m grateful. It’s been almost 38 years since that experience (boy oh boy, that seems like a big number), and I wish I could say I remember everything I learned and studied, but honestly, I can't. I’m not sure I even understood everything back then for me TO remember, but what I do remember, are the feelings and experiences I had like it was yesterday.

Back then of course, all the photos were on film and so I didn’t take nearly the number of photos I do now with digital capabilities. I wish I would have taken more, but I had no idea I would eventually become an artist and want photo references (maybe it’s time to go back and get more). I do have one photo that I was able to use as the reference for this painting and it is a reminder to me of some of those long ago feelings and experiences.

I like this photo because it shows the second wall that was eventually built in front of tombs to seal them off permanently, at least that's how I remember it. It is different from what we normally see for the depiction of Christ's tomb and I find that I like that extra layer of symbolism.

I took out the figure because 1, I am not a figure artist and 2, because without the figure, it seems more personal. I may at some point add in the figure, but for now, I like it the way it is.

“Death is Conquered”


Cradled panel

Available at @rebirthartshow on Instagram

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