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2023 Workshop
June 2-3
American Fork, Utah

Skill level: All levels welcome

Medium: oil

About this class:

This two day workshop will focus on painting landscape studies from life and learning how to simplifying shapes and values while in the field. 

Workshop will include:

  • classroom instruction 

  • Painting outside (en plein air)

  • Demonstrations

  • Personal critiques. 


Time spent painting outside will be in northern Utah County. There may be a little walking involved so having proper shoes and easily portable equipment will be important.


  • Titanium White (Large tube)

  • Lemon Yellow

  • Cadmium Yellow Medium

  • Cadmium Red Medium 

  • Alizarin Crimson

  • Burnt Sienna, or Transparent Oxide Red

  • Ultramarine Blue

  • Phthalo Blue


  • A mix of soft hair and bristle brushes #4, #6, #8, #10, #12

  • Small liner or script brush

  • Palette knife


  • I make my own boards by rolling gesso on masonite or aluminum boards. Small sizes  ( 5x7, 6x8 etc.), or larger boards (9x12 etc.) taped off for smaller studies. Use something that is not expensive since we will be doing simple studies.

Wet Panel Carrier: 

  • A pizza box will do in a pinch.



  • Portable easel/paint box

  • Pallet 

  • Odorless paint thinner (Turpenoid or Gamsol)

  • Brush cleaner bottle

  • Paper towels 

  • Plastic grocery bags for trash

  • Sunscreen,  sun hat, water, etc for working outdoors

  • Bug spray

  • Baby wipes for cleaning up

  • Umbrella if you have one, but it’s not necessary

  • Check the weather beforehand and bring appropriate clothing

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