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2021 workshop TBD

Ellie Wilson, Trijsten Leach, and I have been artist friends for several years.  We are each at different stages of life, but one of the things we have in common is our shared love of painting from life outside, or in the words of the french impressionists, painting "en plein air". 

We joined together last year to do a one day workshop, and we have decided to do another one day workshop again, this time in Heber City/Midway Utah.  We have made some adjustments to our format from last year and are excited to be teaching together again.  Check out each of their instagram accounts.  I'm confident you'll love what you see. 



Painting from life is one of the best ways to improve an artist's skills.  Learning how to observe value and color, with ones own eyes, is vital to making a painting read well and engage the viewer instead of relying only on photos as references. Not only that, but being outside in nature is just plain good for the soul.


The workshop will be open to all levels of artists. We have found that three instructors with a limited number of students, insures more individual time. If you are interested, the link to the registration form is above.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me.

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